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At John's Cleaning Services

We Used The Best Cleaning Products!


While people understand the importance of cleaning with regard to appearance, they are often unaware of how a clean home affects their health. A clean bathroom and kitchen are two areas that we commonly think of as needing to be clean for health reasons. However, there are other issues within the home that can cause physical harm to your body. Also, the very chemicals we use to clean can have an adverse affect on you.


Poor indoor air quality has been proven to be a cause of health problems. Allergies to dust and mold are common, and can lead to potentially serious conditions. Most traditional cleaning chemicals are toxic, and can cause allergic reactions as well. These can range from minor annoyances to potentially life-threatening. Also, some chemicals are actually poisonous or capable of causing chemical burns. These chemicals can also enter the environment, affecting our water supply.


Here at John's Cleaning Service, we use environmentally friendly products and equipment, with the goal of providing you with a safe and healthy environment. Our chemicals are non-toxic, and many are derived from natural ingredients. We use HEPA-quality  backpack vacuums, which cut down on dust reintroduced into the air. Our carpet cleaning process removes dirt and allergens trapped in your carpets, in addition to making them look great.

Cleaning Service_bk-01.png

John's Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

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